Frequently Asked Questions

S : What is your Trailer Renting Conditions?
C :

Everyone who is over 23 years old and have had a B class License for at least 5 years can rent our vehicles.

S : What are the Brands and Models of your vehicles?
C :

Our Ronin Motorhomes are 2020 Fiat Practico, and our Gladiator Trailers are 2016 Ford Ranger models.

S : Are the vehicles Manual or Automatic?
C :

Ronin Motorhomes have Manual and Gladiator Trailers have Automatic transmission.

S : What is the passenger capacity and can we travel in the back cabin?
C :

Both of our vehicles have a capacity of 3 people.

Our Ronin model has a 3 person capacity while our Gladiator model has a 5 person capacity.

Due to highway traffic laws, it's forbidden to travel in the back cabin.


S : What is the fuel consumption rate of the vehicles?
C :

Both of our models are diesel. Ronin consumer 10 L per 100 km, while Gladiator consumes 12 L per 100 km.

S : How and where can we get the vehicles?
C :

We will deliver you th vehicles in Zincirlikuyu.

If you want, we have Valet service in İstanbul for TRY300.

You will get a 30-40 minute long training and our technical team will be available for support 24/7.


S : What are your Covid-19 precautions?
C :

Our vehicles are cleaned after every journey. They're then disinfected with Antimic  which is a nanotechnology environment friendly water based disinfectant developed in Sabancı University Laboratories that lasts up to 60 days.

S : What does the vehicles' inventory include?
C :

The vehicles' inventory includes 3 pillows, 3 pillowcases, 2 bedsheets, a cutting board, 2 knives, an opener, a peeler, a french press, 3 plastic plates, 3 plastic knives, 3 plastic spoons, 3 mugs, a Campout mini teapot, a pan, a pot, a salt-pepper-red pepper set, a kitchen roll, a toilet roll, a WC brush, a liquid soap dispenser, an extension cable, a water hose, a camp table, 3 camp chairs, and 2 Aygaz mini gas tanks.

S : What can I use in the vehicles without mains power?
C :

You can charge your phone and use all of your devices with adapters.

You shouldn't use small home appliances without mains power.

S : Is there heating in the vehicles?
C :

Ronin has a system called Webasto that uses the fuel of the car, and Gladiator has a heating system that uses diesel form another fuel tank.

S : What are the capacities of the clean and waste water tanks?
C :

Ronin's clean water tank is 106 L, and its waste water tank is 60 L.

Gladiator's clean water tank is 43 L, and its waste water tank is 23 L.

S : Are the vehicles insured?
C :

Yes, our cars are completely insured.

S : Do you have a km limit?
C :

You're limited to 400km a day for up to 15 days of renting, and to 250km a day for 15 and over.

You will be charged 0.50 kurus per km if you go over the limit.


S : Can we travel with our pets?
C :

Of course! As Happy Camper, we would be happy to welcome you and your little friends.