a.     The pre-reservation procedure is complete after the preliminary contract is signed/approved and the total amount is paid.

In the pre-reservations that are cancelled up to 15 days (including 15th day) before the date of travel, the full price paid shall be refunded.

In case of cancellations in less than 15 days before the date of the travel, 50% of the paid amount is recorded as revenue by the LESSOR and isn't returned to the LESSEE.

The contract and its annexes have to be signed on the travel date the latest.

If the contract and its annexes haven't been signed by the travel date, the total amount paid during the pre-reservation will be recorded as revenue, and the LESSEE will be removed of their right of pre-reservation and of receiving the vehicle.


b.     While signing the main contract, the LESSEE will leave at least TRY2.000 deposit according to the renting period via cash or credit card. The deposit will be returned to the LESSEE in full at the time of returning the vehicle provided that there isn't a matter contradicting the conditions of the contract.