Happy Camper Privacy Policy

Happy Camper may ask for your personal information (your name, e-mail, address, phone number, etc.) via forms on their website,

This information will be used to contact you when necessary after you've made your reservation.

This information may also be used to send you e-mails and press releases, or for printed publications and correspondence.

Hereby this personal information can not be used by, sold to or rented out to third parties by Happy Camper.


Use of Cookies

Happy Camper's website uses information known as cookies.

The icon given to your browser by the server  when you enter a webside is called a cookie.

Cookies can save various types of data.

Cookies increase the functionality of a website and help us evaluate your use of the website better.

Cookies never save perosnal information without your explicit concent.

Happy Camper statistically follows the number of visits, the number of people visiting each page of the website, and the domain names of the visitors on their website,

No personal information is used during this process.

Aside from this, your IP address is saved by our website.

This address only identifies your Internet Service Provider and doesn't contain any personal data.


Payment Security

A security technology called SSL is used in your renting transactions over

Your credit card information are not saved in any media and trasferred to your bank directly for approval.